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Porsche 911 reaches an altitude of 6,734m, sets a new world record for highest altitude reached by a car

On December 2, 2023, a heavily modified Porsche 911 driven by renowned racing driver Romain Dumas and fueled by eFuels reached the dizzying height of 6,734 meters (22,093 feet) on the western ridge of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile, setting a new world record for the highest altitude ever reached by a car.

Conquering Extreme Conditions

This audacious feat was achieved by an international team of experts from Chile, France, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Switzerland, led by three-time Le Mans champion Romain Dumas. They faced a grueling challenge, battling thin air – the oxygen density at high altitudes is roughly half that at sea level – and frigid temperatures that plummeted to a bone-chilling -20 degrees Celsius.

Speaking shortly after descending from the volcano, Dumas reflected on the demanding but rewarding journey:

“I’ll never forget this experience. It was an extraordinary feeling to drive where no car has gone before. The 911 managed to climb higher than any other car on Earth in history. I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved.”

Porsche 911
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He added, “This time, we reached the true summit of the western ridge, meaning it was the highest altitude attainable. It was a proud moment for the entire team, and we are deeply grateful for the support and belief of our partners who made this possible.”

Surpassing Limits: Pushing the Boundaries of Performance

This record-breaking attempt was supported by renowned companies like HIF Global, Schaeffler Group, Mobil 1, BFGoodrich, and TAG Heuer, who provided invaluable expertise and technical assistance to the team of guides, engineers, drivers, and climbers.

The project had already undertaken an initial exploration of the Ojos del Salado in 2022, reaching a height of 6,000 meters. This time, they surpassed their previous record by a staggering 734 meters, exceeding even the summit of Mont Blanc by a margin of 1,934 meters. This remarkable achievement also eclipsed the previous record of 6,694 meters set in 2020.

Dr. Frank Walliser, Vice President of Complete Vehicle Architecture and Characteristics at Porsche AG, lauded the team’s remarkable achievement:

“I would like to congratulate the entire team on their success in completing such a challenging project. This project started with a simple question: ‘What if?’ I’m so proud to work for a company that encourages exploring boundaries and pushing limits through innovation.”

Two Modified 911s: Engineering Excellence Meets High-Altitude Performance

Two specially modified Porsche 911s, nicknamed “Doris” and “Edith,” were the stars of this high-altitude expedition. These unique vehicles were developed by RD Limited in collaboration with Porsche, with Edith being the lighter and more agile model that ultimately claimed the record.

Both cars were based on the current 911 Carrera 4S, but received extensive modifications for exceptional off-road performance at extreme altitudes. Despite retaining the standard 3.0-liter flat-six engine and 7-speed manual transmission, numerous adjustments were made to ensure optimal performance in the harsh environment.


Key modifications included:

  • Carbon fiber seats and 5-point harnesses for enhanced safety and support
  • Portal axles and off-road tires for a 350mm increase in ground clearance
  • Lowered gear ratios for precise and gentle throttle control at low speeds
  • Lightweight and strong aramid fiber underbody protection for gliding over rocks
  • Steer-by-wire system (Space Drive) on the lead vehicle for unparalleled precision and control

The use of eFuels produced by the Porsche-led HIF pilot program added another layer of sustainability to the project. These fuels are created using water, carbon dioxide, and renewable energy, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

This record-breaking feat by Porsche serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering and performance even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. It also highlights the potential of eFuels to play a crucial role in the future of sustainable mobility.

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