Ferrari SF90 XX Technology

Decoding the Cutting-Edge Technology of the 1030PS AWD Mid-Ship “Ferrari SF90 XX Technology”


Explore the world of automotive innovation as we dissect the intricate details of the Ferrari SF90 XX. With a powerful 1030PS AWD mid-ship configuration, this supercar stands at the pinnacle of technological excellence and performance prowess.

The super sports plug-in hybrid “Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale” delivers 1030PS. Although production was limited to just 799 units, all that was included were cutting-edge technologies that would become new innovations in the future.

Explaining the advanced technology found in the 1030PS AWD mid-ship “Ferrari SF90 XX”

Power Beyond Limits

Delve into the heart of the Ferrari SF90 XX, where a staggering 1030PS engine propels this marvel to unprecedented speeds. Discover how the AWD mid-ship configuration optimizes power distribution for unparalleled performance.

Hybrid Technology Integration

Explore the seamless integration of hybrid technology, a signature feature of the SF90 XX. Learn how the electric powertrain complements the traditional engine, delivering not just power but also enhanced fuel efficiency.

Aerodynamic Brilliance

Uncover the aerodynamic mastery that defines the Ferrari SF90 XX. From sleek lines to innovative downforce mechanisms, every element is meticulously designed to enhance stability and handling at high speeds.

  1. The nose part of SF90XX (bottom) is different from SF90 Stradale (top). You can see that the SF90XX has a flat floor because the air that enters from the front escapes through the bonnet duct at the top. By equipping it with S-duct, it not only improves cooling performance but also increases downforce.
  2. It is clear that the SF90XX (right) has better front-to-rear balance compared to the SF90 Stradale (left), which has a lot of lift at the bottom of the front.
  3. The large rear wing and the adjustable shut-off gurney located below it also contribute greatly to aerodynamic performance.

There is no doubt that the biggest feature of the SF90XX Stradale (hereinafter referred to as SF90XX) is its aerodynamics. The symbol of this is the independent wing that towers over the rear end of the body.

Ferrari has not used an independent rear wing on its road cars since the F50, which was released in 1995, because it “detracted from the beauty of the design.” However, the SF90XX inherits the philosophy of the XX model, which was developed for circuit driving, and is purposely equipped with an independent rear wing even though it is a model that can be driven on public roads.

Ferrari SF90 XX Technology

You may be asking, “So what were the claims made so far?” However, independent rear wings have the clear advantage of “improving aerodynamic efficiency.” In other words, this independent rear wing has the effect of minimizing the increase in air resistance while generating 530 kg of downforce at 250 km/h, comparable to that of a racing car.

Furthermore, following the SF90, it is equipped with a shut-off gurney. This allows you to select high downforce or low downforce settings by moving the body panel located directly below the rear wing up and down. The position of the shut-off gurney is automatically controlled by the on-board computer.

In order to balance the increased rear downforce created by the independent rear wing, an S-duct was newly installed at the front of the car. This creates downforce by drawing in air from the front of the car and exhausting it upward through the front bonnet.

Although it does not have a variable mechanism like a shut-off gurney, it is possible to always obtain optimal aerodynamic characteristics by devising the shape of the internal duct. The louvers on the front and rear fenders are also unique to the SF90XX and not found on the SF90. This allows the air inside the wheel house to escape to the top, thereby preventing the increase in air resistance caused by tire rotation.

Backing of the technology that delivers 1030PS :POWERTRAIN

The SF90XX uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but the source of its power is a 3990cc V8 twin-turbo engine named F154FB. This is based on the F154FA installed in the SF90 Stradale (SF90), but in addition to polishing the inside of the intake and exhaust manifold, the top of the piston was changed to increase the compression ratio from 9.5:1 to 9.54:1. It produces 797PS at 7900rpm, which is 17PS more than SF90. The maximum torque generated at 6250 rpm is 804 Nm, and the maximum rotation speed is announced to be 8000 rpm.

It is also noteworthy that the weight was reduced by 3.5 kg by omitting the secondary air system that was attached to the intake system. Furthermore, to improve engine sound, the hot tube system that transmits engine sound to the cabin has been optimized.

The tone has been changed to emphasize the treble. Like the SF90, the SF90XX will have two electric motors, one between the engine and gearbox and two on the front axle. However, the maximum output was increased from 220PS to 233PS by using extra boost, which will be explained in a separate section.

It goes without saying that the two motors installed on the front axle control the distribution of driving force between the left and right sides to achieve torque vectoring. In addition, the hybrid system can be selected from four modes: e-Drive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualify by operating the e-Manettino. The battery capacity is 7.9kWh, which allows EV driving of up to 25km, and the maximum speed when driving in EV is 135km/h, which is similar to SF90.

The gearbox is basically the same 8-speed DCT as the SF90. However, by improving the software that controls gear shifting, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of “the car being pushed forward” similar to the Daytona SP3 when shifting, and you will also be able to enjoy a dynamic sound when shifting in the mid-to-high rpm range.

Pursuing the thrill of driving

As befits Ferrari’s latest model, the SF90XX is loaded with the company’s proud electronic control systems. First of all, I would like to pay attention to the extra boost. By increasing the cooling capacity of the hybrid system, the SF90XX temporarily succeeded in drawing out more electrical energy than the SF90. Extra Boost utilizes this to improve performance.

Extra Boost can only be used if the battery has enough energy stored and the onboard computer determines that it can provide additional power based on GPS, accelerometer, pedal effort, etc.

The operation is simple: once you select Qualify mode on the e-Manettino, the system automatically finds the optimal situation and adds about 2 seconds of “extra power”, mainly for exiting corners. There was no specific explanation as to how much PS this extra power is equivalent to, but based on the charts and other information released, it seems to be around 200PS.

Another piece of news is that the SF90 is equipped with ABS evo, which was not available. This is equipped with a six-dimensional sensor called 6W-CDS that can measure the rotational moment around each axis in addition to the three-dimensional acceleration sensor for ABS, front and back, left and right, and up and down. This system allows the braking force to be controlled even when the tires are skidding.

The Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) is responsible for torque vectoring, and in the SF90XX it has evolved to 2.0. By the way, SF90XX is the first Dynamic Manettino that allows FDE to work no matter which mode is selected.

The role of Electronic Side Slip Control (eSSC) 1.0 is to organically utilize these numerous systems and appropriately control the powertrain and chassis. In other words, eSSC is the brain of SF90XX.

Beauty as a result of prioritizing function: DESIGN

  1. The front S-duct has both the intake and outlet ports in a different color from the body, making its presence more obvious.
  2. It is thought that the same effect was achieved by decorating the end plates of the large rear wing with accent colors.
  3. The interior has been made lighter by simplifying the door lining. You will be surprised at how light the door moves when you open and close it.

As the “first XX model that can be driven on public roads,”  the SF90XX naturally incorporates all the racing technology that Ferrari has cultivated over the years. Therefore, Centro Stile, led by Flavio Manzoni, worked closely with the technical development team and decided to change the interior and exterior of the SF90XX in a way that would emphasize rather than hide such racing technology.

For example, the S-duct, which increases downforce at the front, makes its presence more obvious by painting both the intake and outlet in a different color from the body. It is thought that the same effect was achieved by painting the end plates of the rear wing, which are installed independently, in accent colors.

Additionally, since it is equipped with an independent rear wing, visual balance was achieved by reducing the volume around the rear fender compared to the SF90, for example. Particularly impressive is the fact that the thickness of the rear fender has been shaved off.

Similarly, at the rear, the taillights have been changed from a rectangular four-lamp type to a stripe type that spans the entire width of the body, and the shape of the rear diffuser has been drastically revised, giving the impression that the entire tail end has become an air outlet. Give to the beholder.

In the interior, weight was reduced by simplifying the door lining. You will be surprised at how light the door moves when you open and close it. In addition, the upper part of the dashboard was covered with Alcantara, and the interior of the center tunnel, like the doors, was kept simple in an effort to reduce weight.

Although the design modifications have been extensive, it is remarkable that the SF90 has not lost any of its original beauty and quality. In this respect as well, it can be said that Centro Stile has done an admirable job.

The Driving Experience

Precision Handling

Immerse yourself in the world of precision handling, where the SF90 XX’s AWD mid-ship layout plays a crucial role. Experience the synergy between power and control as you navigate corners with unmatched finesse.

Futuristic Cockpit Design

Step into the future with the SF90 XX’s futuristic cockpit. Discover the intuitive interface, cutting-edge displays, and driver-centric design that redefine the driving experience.

Track-Ready Performance

Unleash the full potential of the SF90 XX on the track. From lightning-fast acceleration to responsive braking, this supercar is engineered for track enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving performance.

FAQs on Ferrari SF90 XX Technology

Is the Ferrari SF90 XX street legal?

The Ferrari SF90 XX is designed primarily for track use and may not comply with street-legal requirements. It is essential to check local regulations before considering it for road use.

What sets the SF90 XX apart from other Ferrari models?

The SF90 XX stands out with its extreme performance capabilities, thanks to the AWD mid-ship configuration and hybrid technology, making it a track-focused powerhouse.

Can the electric powertrain be charged externally?

No, the SF90 XX’s electric powertrain is not designed for external charging. It relies on regenerative braking and internal combustion engine charging to replenish its electric power.

How limited is the production of the Ferrari SF90 XX?

Ferrari produces the SF90 XX in limited quantities, typically reserved for a select group of clients and track enthusiasts who seek the pinnacle of performance.

What is the top speed of the Ferrari SF90 XX?

The SF90 XX boasts an impressive top speed, reaching speeds beyond 211 mph, making it one of the fastest Ferraris ever produced.

Are driver assistance features available in the SF90 XX?

The SF90 XX prioritizes a raw driving experience, and while it may not have traditional driver assistance features, its advanced technology enhances overall safety and control.


In conclusion, the Ferrari SF90 XX is more than a supercar; it’s a technological marvel that pushes the boundaries of performance and innovation. From its powerful engine to the futuristic cockpit, every aspect is crafted for an unparalleled driving experience.

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