Mercedes-AMG Snow driving

Mercedes-AMG Snow Driving | AMG Experience on Ice: Unveiling the Thrills of Snow Driving Training


Embark on a journey that transcends traditional driving experiences with the AMG Experience on Ice. This comprehensive article dives into the intricacies of this remarkable 3-5 day snow driving training program, designed by the automotive pioneers at Mercedes-AMG. As we navigate through the renewed 2024 program, we’ll also unveil the upcoming G-Class Winter Expedition, promising an unforgettable ride on icy terrains.

The highlight of the 2024 AMG Experience on Ice is the G-Class snow driving experience 

“AMG Experience on Ice” is a 3-5 day snow driving training program developed by Mercedes-AMG that targets various levels of driving skills. In 2024, the entire program will be renewed, and a new program for the G-Class, “G-CLASS WINTER EXPEDITION”, will start.

Nordschleife Appearing on Ice

The AMG Experience on Ice  will be renewed in 2024, where you can hone your driving skills in a Mercedes-AMG model on a frozen lake in northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, or enjoy a snow trek in the snowy mountains in a G-Class. The new AMG Experience on Ice will be available from early 2024, with programs tailored to various requests.

The 2024 AMG Experience on Ice will be held at Lake Gartisjaure near Arjeplog, Sweden. Various handling courses were prepared on the ice, which is over 60cm thick. Drivers of various levels can experience the driving characteristics, braking behavior, and steering accuracy on icy roads. The highlight will be a special area featuring the Nürburgring Nordschleife course layout.

In each program, participants will experience the driving dynamics and power of current Mercedes-AMG models under the guidance of professional drivers. Learn how to safely control powerful vehicles and dig deep into their technology. It is said that you can enjoy the fun of driving on snow and ice in the great nature of Swedish Lapland.

A wide variety of vehicles are used, all of which are all-wheel drive and offer the best traction performance. All programs include accommodation in luxury 4-star hotels with saunas and bars. Additionally, during the event, a professional photographer will be taking photos of the best memories, which will be presented to participants as gifts after the program ends.

Enjoy snow running performance of G class

Starting in 2024, AMG Experience on Ice will introduce a new program called
“G-Class Winter Expeditions” using the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. In the G-Class Winter Expedition, you get behind the wheel of a cross-country 4WD vehicle with one of the world’s best rough-road capabilities, and drive through the great outdoors outside of Sweden’s tourist areas.

For four days packed with surprising experiences, you’ll travel a varied trekking route from Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden to Kiruna. Similar to the AMG Experience on Ice, the evening will be spent relaxing in a prestigious hotel.

The highlight of the program was training in driving dynamics and staying in an ice hotel -ICEHOTEL built from ice in the Arctic Circle. In addition to snow drives, there are a variety of activities available, including nighttime snowmobile tours, champagne receptions, and exquisite dinners at gourmet restaurants. “The G-Class Winter Expedition, which will be released in 2024, will offer a four-day snow driving experience in northern Sweden.”

Mercedes-AMG Snow driving
Mercedes-AMG Snow driving

Unveiling AMG Experience on Ice

The Essence of AMG

Discover the heart-pounding power of AMG as participants delve into the intricacies of high-performance driving. From mastering control on icy surfaces to navigating challenging terrains, AMG Experience on Ice caters to various skill levels.

Program Structure

Delve into the meticulously crafted program structure, offering a seamless progression from basic to advanced driving skills. Each day unfolds a new set of challenges, ensuring participants grasp the nuances of snow driving under the expert guidance of AMG instructors.

Cutting-Edge Training Facilities

Explore the state-of-the-art training facilities that serve as the backdrop for this unparalleled experience. Purpose-built tracks and challenging courses await, pushing participants to harness the full potential of their AMG vehicles.

The Renewed 2024 Program of Mercedes-AMG Snow Driving

Technological Advancements

Witness the integration of cutting-edge technology in the renewed 2024 program. From enhanced safety features to real-time performance analytics, Mercedes-AMG leaves no stone unturned in creating a futuristic driving experience.

All-New Driving Challenges

Engage in a diverse range of driving challenges tailored to elevate your skills. Whether it’s mastering controlled drifts or conquering icy slaloms, each challenge is an opportunity for growth and exhilaration.

Exclusive Vehicle Lineup

Get acquainted with the elite lineup of AMG vehicles featured in the 2024 program. From agile coupes to robust SUVs, each model is a testament to the brand’s commitment to performance and luxury.


A Glimpse into Adventure

Anticipate the launch of the G-Class Winter Expedition, an extension of the AMG Experience on Ice. This new program promises an off-road adventure like never before, combining the legendary G-Class with the thrill of winter exploration.

Off-Road Mastery

Unleash the G-Class’s off-road capabilities as you navigate through snow-covered landscapes. Expert instructors guide participants in conquering challenging terrains, making this expedition a unique blend of luxury and ruggedness.

Unforgettable Experiences

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable experiences that the G-CLASS WINTER EXPEDITION offers. From panoramic views of snowy landscapes to the roar of the G-Class engine, every moment is a celebration of automotive excellence.

FAQs : Mercedes-AMG Snow Driving

Is prior driving experience required for the AMG Experience on Ice?

Absolutely! The program caters to various skill levels, from beginners to seasoned drivers, ensuring everyone can participate and enhance their skills.

What sets the G-CLASS WINTER EXPEDITION apart from the AMG Experience on Ice?

While both programs share the thrill of winter driving, the G-CLASS WINTER EXPEDITION focuses on off-road adventures, introducing participants to the legendary G-Class’s capabilities.

Are AMG vehicles provided, or can participants bring their own?

AMG vehicles are provided as part of the program, ensuring consistency and optimal learning conditions for all participants.

Can I participate if I don’t own a Mercedes-AMG vehicle?

Absolutely! The AMG Experience on Ice is open to enthusiasts regardless of their vehicle ownership, offering a chance to experience the thrill of AMG driving.

Is the program safe for participants with no winter driving experience?

Yes, safety is a top priority. The program includes comprehensive safety briefings and expert guidance to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

What accommodations are provided during the 3-5 day program?

Participants enjoy premium accommodations, enhancing the overall experience and providing a comfortable retreat after exhilarating days of driving.


In conclusion, the AMG Experience on Ice and the upcoming G-CLASS WINTER EXPEDITION redefine the limits of driving excitement. Mercedes-AMG continues to lead the way in delivering unparalleled driving experiences, combining luxury, performance, and adventure. Embrace the thrill, master the ice, and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

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