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Nissan Hype Lab: Embracing the Metaverse for a Revolutionary Car Buying Experience

The automotive industry is continuously evolving, and Nissan is at the forefront of this transformation by launching the Nissan Hype Lab, an innovative approach to car buying within the Metaverse. With this groundbreaking initiative, Nissan is revolutionizing the way customers consider, test drive, and purchase their vehicles, leveraging the power of the Metaverse, blockchain technologies, and Web3 integration. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the various aspects of Nissan Hype Lab and how it’s changing the automotive landscape.

Nissan Hype Lab: A Brief Overview

Nissan Hype Lab is a pioneering project launched by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Tokyo Sales Co., Ltd., aiming to provide customers with a new, immersive car buying experience. The virtual store, set within the Metaverse ecosystem, allows customers to study, consult, test drive, and purchase Nissan vehicles using their devices. This innovative platform harnesses the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies, creating a decentralized and secure environment for customers to explore and buy their dream cars.

Key Features of Nissan Hype Lab

  • 24/7 access to the virtual store within the Metaverse ecosystem
  • Customizable avatars for customers to explore the virtual lab
  • Virtual staff available for customer assistance
  • Opportunity to select and personalize Nissan vehicle models and grades
  • Test drive cars virtually with a 360° driving view
  • Complete the entire purchase process using blockchain-based smart contracts

Delving into the Nissan Hype Lab Experience

The Nissan Hype Lab offers a unique and engaging experience for customers by providing them with an immersive journey through various stages of car buying. Here’s a closer look at the different aspects of the Nissan Hype Lab experience:

24/7 Access and Customizable Avatars

Customers can visit the Nissan Hype Lab anytime, anywhere through the Metaverse ecosystem. They can create their customizable avatars by choosing their face, physique, clothes, and other features, providing a personalized experience. Accessible via PC or smartphone, the Nissan Hype Lab offers seamless navigation and interaction for customers within the virtual environment.

Virtual Staff for Customer Support

Nissan Hype Lab

During specific hours (11:00 am to 8:00 pm local time), virtual staff are available within Nissan Hype Lab to guide visitors and introduce them to Nissan vehicles. These staff members leverage Web3-based decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for efficient and transparent customer support, ensuring a smooth and engaging customer journey.

Personalized Car Selection Process

Nissan Hype Lab enables customers to explore various Nissan vehicle models and grades, allowing them to select and personalize their cars according to their preferences. They can choose from the latest models like “Nissan Sakura” and “X-Trail” and customize the exterior and interior colors. This feature ensures that customers have complete control over their car-buying journey and can make informed decisions.

Virtual Test Drives

One of the highlights of the Nissan Hype Lab experience is the virtual test drive feature. Customers can enjoy a 360° driving view of their chosen vehicle, providing them with a realistic and immersive test-drive experience within the Metaverse. This innovative approach allows customers to make better decisions and fully explore the potential of their future cars.

Blockchain-Powered Purchase Process

Nissan Hype Lab leverages blockchain-based smart contracts for a secure and efficient car purchase process. By removing the need for intermediaries and streamlining the entire process, Nissan ensures a seamless and transparent buying experience. This integration of blockchain technology also reinforces the decentralized and secure nature of the Metaverse ecosystem.

Nissan’s Metaverse Trademarks and Initiatives

Nissan’s foray into the Metaverse extends beyond the Nissan Hype Lab. The company has filed multiple Web3-related trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), focusing on creating stores for virtual goods and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to the Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan brands. These trademarks outline plans for NFT marketplaces, metaverse advertising, and various entertainment services, showcasing Nissan’s commitment to embracing the world of Web3 and the Metaverse.

NFT Marketplaces and Virtual Goods

The filed trademarks indicate Nissan’s plans to establish NFT marketplaces that offer trading and minting services for virtual goods such as clothes, cars, trading cards, toys, and tickets. These marketplaces will provide customers with exciting new ways to engage with the Nissan brand and explore the potential of NFTs and virtual goods within the Metaverse.

Metaverse Advertising and Entertainment Services

Nissan’s trademarks also reveal plans for metaverse advertising and entertainment services, including online videos, images, artwork, audio, sounds, and music. This expansion into the Metaverse ecosystem will enable Nissan to reach and engage with its customers in new and immersive ways, enhancing the overall brand experience.

The Automotive Industry’s Metaverse Movement

Nissan is not the only automaker exploring the potential of the Metaverse and Web3 technologies. Other prominent players in the automotive industry, such as Hyundai, McLaren, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz, have also ventured into the Metaverse, issuing NFTs, developing virtual goods, and integrating blockchain technologies.

This move towards the Metaverse signifies a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, highlighting the impact of digital technologies on customer engagement and experience. As more companies follow Nissan’s lead, the Metaverse will likely become an essential aspect of the automotive landscape, offering unique, engaging, and immersive experiences for customers worldwide.

The Future of Car Buying in the Metaverse

Nissan Hype Lab serves as a prime example of how the Metaverse can revolutionize the car buying experience. By integrating blockchain and Web3 technologies, the automotive industry can create decentralized, secure, and transparent ecosystems for customers to explore, test drive, and purchase cars.

As the blockchain and Web3 ecosystems continue to evolve, we can expect to see more innovations and advancements in the automotive industry, transforming the way customers interact with car brands and make their purchasing decisions. The Nissan Hype Lab is just the beginning of this exciting journey, and the future of car buying in the Metaverse is undoubtedly promising.


The launch of Nissan Hype Lab marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry, showcasing the potential of the Metaverse, blockchain, and Web3 technologies in revolutionizing the car buying experience. With 24/7 access, customizable avatars, virtual staff, personalized car selection, virtual test drives, and blockchain-powered purchase processes, Nissan Hype Lab offers customers an engaging and immersive journey like never before.

As the Metaverse continues to expand and evolve, the automotive industry will undoubtedly see more innovations and exciting developments in the realm of car buying. Nissan Hype Lab serves as a pioneering example, setting the stage for a future where the Metaverse and automotive industry become increasingly intertwined.

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Nissan’s Enthusiasm for the Metaverse

Nissan is making a special effort to utilize the Metaverse and capitalize on its potential. The outbreak of the pandemic has propelled this trend forward, as the use of the Metaverse space is becoming more prevalent. Nissan has already opened a virtual gallery, Nissan crossing, on the Metaverse and is planning to hold an event in conjunction with the Ginza base of the same name. They are also developing game-type content such as “NISSAN EV & Clean Energy World.”

Introducing – NISSAN HYPE LAB

Nissan has taken it a step further and opened a dealer in the Metaverse called “Nissan Hype Lab.” This innovative service allows customers to see cars, communicate with staff, and purchase a car in the same way as a physical dealership. Although virtual showrooms are not new, Nissan Hype Lab offers a unique experience that allows customers to use avatars to communicate with other users and staff, obtain quotes, and receive car consultations.

Nissan hype lab was developed using Unreal Engine 5, a 3D production tool provided by the popular American game company, which is best known for the hit game “Fortnite.” 

Using this system, Nissan Hype Lab, is able to create a realistic world while minimizing the necessary specifications and providing a natural user experience. Players who are familiar with similar games will find it easy to navigate and enjoy the experience.

I believe holding events in Nissan Hype Lab and other Metaverse platforms would also add excitement and keep users engaged. It’s important to continuously create topics and develop events to keep the use of the Metaverse relevant and growing. Overall, Nissan Hype Lab as a tool with great potential and look forward to seeing how it develops and evolves in the future.

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