2024 Mercedes-AMG-GT 63 Price Starting at £164K In UK

2024 Mercedes-AMG-GT 63 Priced from £164,765 In UK

Introduction : 2024 Mercedes-AMG-GT 63

Get ready to experience the pure power and luxury of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63. This beast of a car is designed to captivate and excite, delivering a thrilling driving experience that will leave you breathless.

With its sleek design and dynamic features, the GT 63 commands attention on the road, turning heads wherever you go. But it’s not just about looks – under the hood, this masterpiece packs a formidable engine that delivers impressive performance.

Buckle up and prepare for the ultimate driving pleasure with the Mercedes-AMG GT 63.

Key Takeaways : 

  1. The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 is priced from £164,765 in the UK and offers three trim levels: Premium Plus, Performance, and Launch Edition.
  2. A plug-in hybrid version is expected to be added to the line-up, using the same setup as the recently unveiled Mercedes-AMG SL 63 E Performance, with a combined output of 804bhp and 1047lb ft.
  3. The new GT 63 has been comprehensively re-engineered alongside the new SL, featuring a larger and more accessible boot and adopting a fully variable four-wheel drive system as standard.
  4. The GT 63 is powered by an engine that develops either 469bhp and 516lb ft of torque or 577bhp and 590lb ft of torque, with a nine-speed AMG Speedshift automatic gearbox and impressive acceleration and top speeds.

Pricing and Trim Levels of Mercedes-AMG-GT 63

When considering the pricing and trim levels of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63, you’ll find three options to choose from. The base trim is the Premium Plus, starting at £164,765 in the UK. If you’re looking for enhanced performance, there’s the Performance trim, priced at £175,765. And for those who want the ultimate experience, there’s the Launch Edition, which comes in at £180,765.

In terms of performance comparison, the GT 63 is no slouch. With a range-topping 577bhp and 590lb ft of torque, it offers exhilarating acceleration and impressive top speeds. The GT 63’s engine has been updated to meet Euro 7 emission regulations, ensuring both power and compliance.

Customer reviews of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 have been overwhelmingly positive. Drivers praise its dynamic handling, luxurious interior, and cutting-edge technology. The active air control system within the grille and the retractable rear spoiler are standout features that not only enhance performance but also add to the car’s visual appeal. The 12.3-inch instrument panel and 11.9-inch infotainment display with AMG-specific graphics provide a seamless and immersive driving experience.

When it comes to pricing options, performance comparison, and customer reviews, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 offers a compelling package that combines power, luxury, and advanced technology to create a truly exceptional driving experience.

2024 Mercedes-AMG-GT 63 Price Starting at £164K In UK

Plug-in Hybrid Version

Mercedes-AMG will introduce a plug-in hybrid version to the line-up of the GT 63, allowing drivers to enjoy enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. This new addition to the GT 63 family will bring several benefits and discussion ideas to the table:

  • Performance enhancements:

The plug-in hybrid version is expected to have a combined output of 804bhp and 1047lb ft. This impressive power will be achieved by pairing the GT 63’s powerplant with a rear-mounted electric motor. The result is a vehicle that not only delivers exceptional performance but also provides a thrilling driving experience.

  • Charging infrastructure:

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, there’s an increasing emphasis on charging infrastructure. The plug-in hybrid version of the GT 63 will require a reliable and accessible charging network to maximize its potential. Mercedes-AMG will need to consider the availability and convenience of charging stations to ensure a seamless ownership experience.

  • Environmental sustainability:

One of the key advantages of a plug-in hybrid vehicle is its reduced environmental impact. By incorporating electric power, the GT 63 plug-in hybrid version will contribute to lower emissions and a greener driving experience. This aligns with the global push towards environmental sustainability and highlights Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of their vehicles.

As Mercedes-AMG gears up to introduce the plug-in hybrid version of the GT 63, these discussion ideas surrounding performance enhancements, charging infrastructure, and environmental sustainability will undoubtedly be at the forefront. The combination of power, efficiency, and sustainability make the plug-in hybrid GT 63 an exciting addition to the lineup.

Re-Engineering and Design

The re-engineering and design of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 focuses on enhancing everyday functionality and providing greater traction and security.

One of the key improvements in this regard is the larger boot, which aims to offer more space for your daily needs.

Additionally, the GT 63 adopts a fully variable four-wheel drive system as standard, replacing the previous rear-wheel drive arrangement. This new system provides improved traction, especially in challenging road conditions, and adds an extra layer of security to your driving experience.

Another notable feature of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63‘s re-engineering and design is the inclusion of a rear-mounted electric motor. This electric motor works in conjunction with the powerplant to enhance performance and efficiency. The charging port discreetly located in the rear bumper is the only clue to the hybrid underpinnings of the GT 63.

In terms of materials, the GT 63 incorporates a mix of aluminum, composite fiber materials, magnesium, and steel. This combination of materials ensures a lightweight yet sturdy structure, contributing to the car’s overall performance and handling capabilities.

Engine and Performance

As you delve into the details of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63’s performance, you’ll discover an impressive combination of power and precision. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Acceleration:

The GT 63 4Matic+ offers an astonishing 577bhp and 590lb ft of torque, while the GT 55 4Matic+ delivers a still impressive 469bhp and 516lb ft of torque. These powerful engines ensure rapid acceleration that will leave you breathless.

  • Top Speed:

Both models have a kerb weight of 1970kg and offer impressive top speeds. The exact figures haven’t been disclosed yet, but you can expect exhilarating performances that will push the boundaries of speed.

  • Transmission Options:

The GT is equipped with a nine-speed AMG Speedshift automatic gearbox. This advanced transmission system ensures seamless and lightning-fast gear changes, enhancing the overall driving experience.

  • Euro 7 Compliance:

The updated engine of the GT will be made compliant with Euro 7 emission regulations. This means that you can enjoy thrilling performance while still being environmentally conscious.

With its powerful engines, impressive acceleration, high top speeds, and advanced transmission options, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 is a true performance machine that will satisfy even the most demanding drivers.

Get ready to experience the thrill of precision and power like never before.

Features and Technology

Explore the advanced features and cutting-edge technology of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63. This high-performance car boasts a range of innovative features that enhance both its aerodynamics and driving experience.

One of the standout features is the active air control system integrated into the grille. It allows for precise control of airflow, optimizing performance and efficiency. Additionally, the GT 63 comes equipped with a retractable rear spoiler that automatically deploys at 50mph, improving stability and reducing lift. For those looking to further enhance the car’s performance, an optional aerodynamic package is available, which includes additional winglets and a fixed rear wing.

Inside the cockpit, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 offers a host of technological advancements. The driver is greeted by a 12.3-inch instrument panel and an 11.9-inch infotainment display with AMG-specific graphics. These displays provide access to a range of features and allow for customization of various settings. The car also features an AMG Performance steering wheel, which offers intuitive controls and enhances the driving experience.

In terms of seating, the GT 63 offers sculptured front sport seats that provide excellent support and comfort during spirited driving. Additionally, the rear seats are suitable for children, making the car a practical choice for families.

With its combination of advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 offers a truly exhilarating driving experience.

Material Composition

Discover the impressive material composition of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63, which combines Aluminium, composite fibre materials, magnesium, and steel. This unique combination of materials not only contributes to the car’s sleek and stylish design, but also ensures sustainable manufacturing practices, weight reduction, durability, and strength.

  • Aluminium:

The extensive use of Aluminium in the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity of the car’s structure.

  • Composite Fibre Materials:

The inclusion of composite fibre materials, such as carbon fibre, helps to further reduce the weight of the GT 63 while maintaining its structural integrity. These materials are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio, providing exceptional performance capabilities.

  • Magnesium:

Another key component in the material composition of the GT 63 is magnesium. This lightweight metal offers excellent strength and rigidity, contributing to the car’s overall durability and stability on the road.

  • Steel:

While the GT 63 incorporates lightweight materials, it also utilizes steel in strategic areas to enhance its crashworthiness and occupant protection. Steel provides the necessary strength and structural integrity to ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers.

Euro 7 Emission Compliance

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 continues its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by ensuring compliance with the upcoming Euro 7 emission regulations, building upon its impressive material composition and performance capabilities.

To achieve Euro 7 emission compliance, Mercedes-AMG has incorporated advanced technologies into the GT 63, including plug-in hybrid technology. This hybrid version is expected to utilize the same setup as the recently unveiled Mercedes-AMG SL 63 E Performance, featuring a combined output of 804bhp and 1047lb ft.

The GT 63’s powerplant will be paired with a rear-mounted electric motor, providing additional power and efficiency. While the charging port in the rear bumper is the only visible clue to its hybrid underpinnings, the GT 63 remains true to its performance-focused roots.

In addition to plug-in hybrid technology, the GT 63 has undergone re-engineering and design enhancements to further improve its performance and efficiency. With a material mix of aluminum, composite fiber materials, magnesium, and steel, the GT 63 achieves a balance between lightweight construction and structural rigidity. This, combined with its fully variable four-wheel drive system, replaces the rear-wheel drive arrangement and provides greater traction and security on the road.

With the Euro 7 emission compliance and the incorporation of plug-in hybrid technology, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 not only meets the stringent environmental regulations but also delivers impressive performance enhancements. The GT 63 continues to be a remarkable vehicle that combines sustainability with exhilarating driving experiences.


Get ready to unleash the power and luxury of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63. With its sleek design and formidable engine, this extraordinary vehicle offers a thrilling driving experience like no other.

From its advanced features to its impressive performance, the GT 63 is a masterpiece on wheels. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a journey of pure exhilaration and driving pleasure. The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 is the epitome of automotive perfection.


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