2022 BYD Seal Electric Car Features2022 BYD Seal Electric Car Features

The famous company’s recently announced electric car model gained 22,637 orders in just seven hours after the presale officially began, and this is not the end. Simultaneously, according to a cautious scenario, BYD sales should reach 1.5 million units in 2022, but the trend indicates that the figures will reach at least 2 million, owing mostly to the BYD Seal Electric Car . In this post, we will look at five reasons why buying a new electric vehicle is so popular and the incredible autonomous driving features in BYD Seal Electric Car.

5 reasons why buying a new electric vehicle is so popular

There are several reasons why buying a new electric vehicle (EV) is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Here are five possible reasons:

  1. Environmental benefits: Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As more people become aware of the impacts of climate change, they may be more inclined to choose electric vehicles as a more sustainable option.
  2. Lower operating costs: Electric vehicles have lower operating costs than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because the cost of electricity is generally lower than the cost of gasoline, and electric vehicles require less maintenance than gasoline-powered cars (e.g. no oil changes, fewer moving parts to replace).
  3. Improved technology: As battery technology continues to improve, electric vehicles are becoming more practical for everyday use. Many newer electric vehicles can travel longer distances on a single charge, which makes them a more viable option for longer commutes and road trips.
  4. Brand image: For some consumers, owning an electric vehicle is a status symbol that represents a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As more high-end automakers, like Tesla, introduce electric vehicles to the market, the perception of electric vehicles as a luxury item may also be contributing to their popularity.

Overview Of BYD Seal Electric Car Features :

However, let me quickly remind you that the BYD Seal Electric Car is a sedan that sticks out for its gill inserts, low hood, and vertical air intakes while remaining simple on the inside. The inside has blue tones, a flat floor, sink-shaped handles, and a screen that can be oriented vertically or horizontally in the center.

In front of the steering wheel is another screen with control information. The automobile immediately stood out with a vast space due to the enlarged wheelbase. This is broad information that can be used to describe this car, but there are additional details chips that demonstrate why BYD Seal Electric Car has earned such widespread recognition.

BYD Seal Cell To Body (CTB)

The second and most unique and significant feature is the method of integrating the traction battery into the body’s power structure, or cell to body CTB, which employs four sections of BYD Seal blade battery that not only integrate without modules but also become a structural element of the complete automobile.

The first model indicating such a lineup is BYD Seal, which allows for a 66 percent boost in object efficiency. At the same time, the body’s torsion resistance is doubled, which improves the car’s controllability. In a frontal collision, the degree of safety increases by half. The company also states that this design’s torque battery has a high possibility of success.

Tesla has already discussed utilizing this technology, but they will only introduce this body shape at the industry that launched in Germany. Unlike Tesla, which used cylindrical lithium batteries, BYD uses plate batteries of its own creation using a sandwich structure. I will also take note of the special features of the BYD Seal electric car battery.

The capacity ranges from 61 to 83 kilowatt-hours. The normal CLTC cycle has a range of 340 to 435 miles for rear-wheel drive models, but the coolest alternative, which costs an extra $11,000, is the all-wheel drive type. This one has a total power reserve of roughly 405 miles, and there are four full sets, three of which are equipped with a rear axle drive.

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BYD Seal iTAC Technology (Intelligent Torque Control System)

The following point is the notable iTAC technology it is an intelligent torque control system as a result of which the car passed the moose test at a speed of 52 miles per hour this test allows you to determine how well a particular vehicle evades a sudden obstacle attack helps the car to react more than 50 milliseconds faster when distributing torque.

In terms of the car’s security system, it features 14 pieces of auxiliary equipment for driving sensing, including five cameras, three millimeter wave radars, and six ultrasonic radars. The seal includes l2 assisted driving as standard, which includes features like adaptive cruise control, intelligent cruise control, and lane centering. Some models include a HUD head-up display that displays information like as speed restrictions, navigation, and lane departure warnings.

2022 BYD Seal Electric Car Features

Price List of BYD Seal

BYD Seal Electric Car

The pricing is likely the most attractive feature that also elevates BYD Seal. Despite the car’s impressive features, the company did not charge a premium price for it; the ordinary rear-wheel drive version with a range of 340 miles, including subsidies, will cost $31,860. I remind you that the price of seal’s major competitor, the Tesla Model 3, starts at $42,000, and this is the price of BYD Seal for the all-wheel drive version.

BYD Seal stands out among its competitors, and there is speculation that this type may become the brand’s staple. The popularity and great interest are corroborated by news from the auto show, where the BYD display drew the most visits.

BYD Seal E-Platform – 3.0

The first and most important feature is the platform on which BYD Seal Electric Vehicle was developed. This platform is known as BYD e-platform 3.0, and it employs a lithium iron phosphate 800 volt blade battery.

Furthermore, the cell-to-pack construction feature becomes standard, enable lithium cells to be directly connected to a full battery without the need for an intermediate link in the form of battery modules.

This platform makes use of innovative electrical and electronic structures. The design of the new BYD OS operating system is made up of more compact and lightweight pieces. The system’s overall efficiency is reported to be 89% or better, and the energy consumption for 62 miles is 10% lower than in the manufacturers previous models.

This is also due to the fact that all automobiles on the e-platform come equipped with a heat pump and an air resistance coefficient of 0.21. The platform offers high mileage and ultra fast recharge, as well as a boost fast charging system for BYD Seal Electric Car .

2022 BYD Seal Electric Car Features

BYD Seal Smart Roof

Another characteristic of the BYD Seal is its smart glass roof, which is presently available from only a few automobile manufacturers. It is worth noting that the execution of this technology is based on the invention of a business called Embolite, which is backed by Neo capital. According to the data, the all-wheel drive version of the BYD Seal will employ an electrochromic system of flexible hard film. The vehicle will be outfitted with a one-piece panoramic canopy that incorporates a film, considerably increasing the intellectual driving experience.

BYD Seal Investment

BYD shares climbed to 3.47 in early trade, approaching their all-time high. BYD has accumulated a profit of around 23% this year until June 2022. Overall, I believe the company will surprise us with some additional shocking features that will further enhance its performance and status in the EV arena. By the way, essence securities analysts believe that BYD performance in the second quarter will be very high due to higher car prices.

Full Specifications Of BYD Seal Electric Car :

Power And Speed :

  • Engine Power : 530 shopping mode HP (389 kW)
  • Torque : 670 Nm
  • Max. Speed : 180 km/h
  • 0-100 km/s : 3.8s
  • Number of Engines : Dual Motor
  • Driving System : AWD
  • Engine Type : Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Dimensions : –

  • Weight : 2150kg
  • Width : 1875mm
  • Height : 1460mm
  • Length : 4800mm
  • Luggage Volume : 0 liter

Battery And Charge : –

  • Battery : 82.5 kwh
  • Range : 650km
  • DC Charge Rate : 150kw
  • DC Time : 25 mints
  • AC Charge Rate : 11kw
  • AC Charge Time : 7.5hrs
  • Average Consumption : 14.6kwh/100km
  • Urban Consumption : kwh/100km

Extra Features : –

  • Vehicle Type : Electric Sedan
  • Year of Production : 2022
  • Production Place : Chine
  • Autonomous Driving : BYD Di pilot 

BYD Seal Full Specifications Top End Variant : 

BYD Seal Electric Car : Its Incredible Driving Features

2022 BYD Seal Full Specifications : 


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