2022 BYD Seal Electric Car : Its Incredible Autonomous Driving Feature

2022 BYD Seal Electric Car Feature 

BYD Seal Cell To Body (CTB)

BYD Seal iTAC Technology (Intelligent Torque Control System)

BYD Seal E-Platform - 3.0

BYD Seal Smart Roof

Full Specifications Of 2022 BYD Seal Electric Car

BYD uses plate batteries of its own creation using a sandwich structure. I will also take note of the special features of the BYD Seal electric car battery.

The BYD seal includes l2 assisted driving as standard, which includes features like adaptive cruise control, intelligent cruise control, and lane centering.  

According to the data, the all-wheel drive version of the BYD Seal will employ an electrochromic system of flexible hard film.